Watch the short video from Bojan Schipner – our new Pro Team member in action.


Day of Birth: 1/8/89
Setup: 94″ Stokes Jump Skis & Sans Rival 68″ SR3 for slalom
Favorite Ski Spot: Federal Basement Germany, Feldberg
Personal Bests: Jump: 68.1 Meters (224 feet) | Slalom: 3@10.75 (39 off)  | Trick: 6600 points
Favorite Event: Jump
Favorite Movie: Die Hard 4
Favorite Music: Tiesto

Bojan Schipner was born in Neustrelitz and raised in Feldberg. He started skiing when he was one year old, receiving a lot of support from his waterski-addicted family. Bojan realized early that waterskiing is the sport he was chosen for and waterskiing started being his life.

He started with 7 years to participate in competitions, climbed up the ladder of success and won his first big titles at age 13 and 14. Europe was a big playground for him. Nevertheless, he kept up going to school and graduated at the Sports Gymnasium in Neubrandenburg in 2008.

Afterwards he became soldier in the Sports Foundation of the German army. There he had the opportunity to improve his skiing skills and spend time overseas. Two years later he graduated as lance corporal. In December 2012 Bojan started studying Fitness and Business Management at the EURO-FH in Hamburg.

Bojan Shipner - SansRival Pro Rider water skiing

 Bojan Shipner, new SansRival Pro Team Member

SansRival Pro Rider Bojan Shipner
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