Waterski SR1 Freeride


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SR1 Freeride is the perfect waterski for skier who want to ski in open water. Fully carbon fibre composite.

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SR1 Freeride is the perfect waterski for skier who want to ski in open water. 

Expect High Performance

  • a fully carbon fibre high-end waterski
  • supreme grip, dampening and stability
  • carbon fibre reducing drag, enabling more lift, increasing ski speed
  • top quality, hand made under strict control in Austria (Europe)

SR1 Freeride is for skier who wants to use one the best fully carbon fibre waterskis ever made for freeride.

An extremely homogenous damping pad built of a milled foam core ensures high flexibility and increased stability. It is the perfect waterski for many years. We give one year limited warranty against breaking.

Ski Better with the SR1 Freeride

  • providing extra stability for a smooth ride when crossing wakes
  • balanced transmission for fast and wide turning
  • extremely forgiven user-friendly waterski

The inserts are made from US screws in stainless steel. All common bindings are fitting on the system. The ski will be delivered with a carbon fibre fin and a mini wing. The fin will be set up before shipping.

For Everyday Heroes

The waterskis from SansRival are hand made from best materials to offer maximum performance. Enjoy the amazing glide on the water and speed maintenance. Balance easily offside turns and cross wakes. Waterskis of SansRival provide extra stability and fast transmission for the constant pursuit of surpassing your personal best.

Feel yourself free from the pull of the boat!


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